Wednesday, January 13, 2010

trail ride

This is the only outfit picture I took this week for work, most of these come out without shoes cause I usually don't put them on until I'm about to leave..especially cause my mom yells at me if I'm all over my room with shoes on! I would really love to have a tile or wooden floor!

So on Monday I went to my local walmart to pick up my gazelle! It was a bit confusing to put it together at first but i got the hang of it! And I also ended up cutting my finger on a raw metal edge, and as i found out today I also had a splinter, and it was a piece of metal from my gazelle!

I quickly went on just to take a snapshot! I have read really good reviews which was also a reason that led me to buy it! look how quickly my legs where moving!
I didn't expect for it to come with a timer, distance monitor and calories burnt, but its great!

well here is my looket, i was inspired this week by what I did at work. I helped merchandise a zone for floorsets and our zone was a trail ride, think of "Legends of the Fall" and "Little house on the Praire"
Next week I start school! I can't wait to start, yes I am excited especially because im starting at a new college!

xoxo anna
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