Thursday, July 1, 2010


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Sunday, March 21, 2010

lots of love

Picture taken with my Lomo Diana+
I haven't been updating much, but I decided I might as post picture, art, etc. that inspire me.
The reason I purchased the Diana+ was to take "dreamy" soft pictures, here the model is my boyfriend! ;)
Also as I had mentioned in posts before about changing my lifestyle to a healthier one, so far i've been successful! I've lost 11.8 pounds without depriving myself at all, feels good when you have control over your life!
xoxo anna

Friday, February 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen


Sunday, January 31, 2010

esa si

Well as some may have read from a past post I was on a mission to getting my self healthy, and I have news. So I have been doing good on my plan, and yes I did join weight watchers and started moving more. So far I have lost 7.4 pounds in 3 weeks! And there is no depriving myself, with weight watchers Im keeping track of what I eat, but it is not a diet of any sort.

More news..
I got an internship as a fashion writer for a local magazine, and I am so excited!
I was inspired by the artist on my last post and by so many beautiful illustrations I have seen that I am working on a project, which should be done in a few days.

Here is my looklet today, I wanted to make her look like a bad girl, I think the sunglasses and backround really achieve that bad girl status, plus the daring outfit (Pantie).

xoxo anna

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

art - Manuel Rebollo

Confessions in blue No.8

We all can fly

Manuel Rebollo is an illustrator and graphic designer whos blog I just happen to stumble upon while searching for inspirational art! I'm glad I did stumble upon his blog

we all need a little art in our lives!

xoxo anna

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sporty Jacket, girly outfit

I was inspired by this Lela Rose spring 2010 runway look, and created my own version of it! I work at forever21 and I loved that vilolet jacket once I saw it! The sporty hunter jackets are perfect with girly pieces, In this case the skinny belt would be wrapped around over the jacket and dress!
I got today off of work, I am kind of glad especially because it has been raining! Two days ago I was driving in the freeway when a red car in the left lane next to me skidded and did a complete 180! It was scary to watch, I want the storm to be over! It is sooo dangerous!

Yesterday was my first day of school :) I love my merchandising class, I know it will be a great learning experience and fun! My instructor is Korean and also teaches at the art institutes where she is head of the fashion department, she started working as a buyer in Escada and helped launched stores in Asia, but then she moved here and had other jobs in the industry.

Tomorrow I have 2 more classes which are fashion history and fashion show production, which we get to put together a fashion show in may! :)

stay safe everyone

xoxo anna

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

trail ride

This is the only outfit picture I took this week for work, most of these come out without shoes cause I usually don't put them on until I'm about to leave..especially cause my mom yells at me if I'm all over my room with shoes on! I would really love to have a tile or wooden floor!

So on Monday I went to my local walmart to pick up my gazelle! It was a bit confusing to put it together at first but i got the hang of it! And I also ended up cutting my finger on a raw metal edge, and as i found out today I also had a splinter, and it was a piece of metal from my gazelle!

I quickly went on just to take a snapshot! I have read really good reviews which was also a reason that led me to buy it! look how quickly my legs where moving!
I didn't expect for it to come with a timer, distance monitor and calories burnt, but its great!

well here is my looket, i was inspired this week by what I did at work. I helped merchandise a zone for floorsets and our zone was a trail ride, think of "Legends of the Fall" and "Little house on the Praire"
Next week I start school! I can't wait to start, yes I am excited especially because im starting at a new college!

xoxo anna
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